Sunday, October 7, 2012

Michael Addison - Blinding shadows

Michael Addison - Blinding Shadows (2012) Independent
Produced by Larry Marciano
Tracks : 1.Never look back 2.Alone 3.No regret 4.Go 5.All your might 6.Tell me lies 7.You tonight 8.Say goodbye 9.Let me burn 10.Dream 11.Until the end 12.Take me in 13.Always you (remix)
3 out of 5

I gave Michael Addison´s previous "Always you" EP 2,5 stars over at where I thought there were some fine moments, the first full length album "Blinding shadows" is more rocking compared to the EP so it´s definitely a step in the right direction. But the songs are far greater than Addison´s vocal performance on some songs which is a shame, he is a good songwriter but not equally good as a singer I´m afraid. And just like on the EP, Ryan Hoyle (ex.Collective Soul) is playing drums and on background vocals we find Vanessa Bryan and Adam Brooks. The first single "Alone" is quite good, think Tom Petty meets Eddie and The Hot Rods and you´ll get the idea. The opening track "Never look back" is more of a new wave rocker in the same vein as The Jam and The Motors first album, I like it. "You tonight" is nice powerpop song and the emotional "All your might" can be described as folkrock gospel, one of the best songs here. The Lou Reed-like "Tell me lies" is rubbish, but we´ll get a Celtic feel in "Until the end" which bring thoughts to Jon English. A solid album.

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