Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Neal Schon - The Calling

Neal Schon - The Calling (2012) Frontiers Records
Produced by Neal Schon
Tracks : 1.The Calling 2.Carnival Jazz 3.Six string waltz 4.Irish field 5.Back Smash 6.Fifty six 7.True emotion 8.Tumbleweeds 9.Primal surge 10.Blue rainbow sky 11.Transonic funk 12.Song of the wind II
4 out of 5

The world´s greatest guitarplayer, Neal Schon, returns with the brand new solo album "The Calling" which is the first one since "I on U" from 2005. This guy is a true workaholic and has played with some of the best bands on this planet such as Journey, Bad English, Hardline, Santana, H.S.A.S and Soul Sirkus. The new solo album was recorded in only 4 days with former Journey drummer Steve Smith, keyboardist Igor Len and his old pal Jan Hammer on synthesizer. Although, I haven´t been too much of a fan of his previous solo albums, I do think Schon has done his best album since "Late nite" (1989). Because "The Calling" contains lots of rock driven songs with both traces of the early progrock sound of Journey and the fusion style a la "Late nite". This new album is up there along with the excellent Schon/Hammer albums and I´m so pleased to hear Schon and Hammer play together again, and the drumming from Steve Machine Gun Smith is just as good as I thought it would be. Just listen to the groovy "Back smash", I just love that Billy Cobham vibe. Another highlight is "Blue Rainbow Sky" which is dedicated to Ronnie James Dio, magic melodies from Schon on this one. But the best track is "The Calling" that opens the album with some fantastic riffs, this is pure gold ladies and gents.

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