Saturday, October 27, 2012

Peace´d Out - Peace´d Out

Peace´d Out - Peace´d Out (2012) Siren Records
Produced by Peace´d Out
Tracks : 1.Castlemania 2.White pyramid 3.Cha-Chang-Changmail 4.I would like to. Feed your fingertips. To the wolverines 5.Baadering raam
3 out of 5

Peace´d Out is a new band with members from I Am The Avalanche, No Motiv, RX Bandits and The Velvet Teen. Their new self titled EP is a musical joyride of technical hardcore with traces of progressive rock, expect the unexpected in these 5 songs that can be a little too complex at times but also very unpredictable and I like it. The opening track "Castlemania" is a bit better than the other 4 but they´re good too, I think of "Castlemania" as Yes on a raging war crusade. Quite cool in fact. I know one thing for sure, I want to hear more from this band further on.

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