Sunday, November 11, 2012

Issues - Black Diamonds

Issues - Black Diamonds (2012) Velocity / Rise Records
Produced by Kris Crummett
Tracks : 1.Black diamonds 2.King of Amarillo 3.The worst of them 4.Princeton Ave 5.Love sex riot 6.Her monologue
3,5 out of 5

"Black diamonds" is the debut EP from Issues that features Woe Is Me members Tyler Carter - Clean Vocals and Michael Bohn - Screamo, plus AJ Robello - Guitars/Bass and Tyler Acord - Keyboards/Programming. You better be prepared for a musical ride and mish mash of electronica, hardcore, numetal, hip hop and pop/rock. This is a very entertaining EP where the songs are varied and rich of nuances, the production is crispy but really heavy too. The band deliver both groovy rhythms and melodic choruses along with megaheavy riffs and deathmetal growls. It´s hard to get tired of hearing tunes like "Love sex riot" and "Princeton Ave", not to mention the single "King of Amarillo". Thumbs up!

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