Saturday, November 17, 2012

Music is Love - A singer songwriter´s tribute to the music of CSN&Y

Music is Love - A singer-songwriter´s tribute to the music of CSN&Y (2012) Hemifran Records
Produced by Peter Holmstedt / Ermanno Labianca / Fransesco Lucarelli
Tracks : CD 1 1.Ron LaSalle - For what it´s worth 2.Steve Wynn - Triad 3.Judy Collins - Hopelessly hoping 4.Liam O Maonlai - Lady of the island 5.Sucarcane Jane - Bluebird 6.Elliot Murphy - Birds 7.Bonoff Cowan Szczesniak and Waldman - Guinnevere 8.Sony More - You don´t have to cry 9.Bocephus King - Down by the river 10.Venice - After the gold rush 11.Sadie Jemmett - Teach your children 12.The Coal Porters - Fallen eagle

CD2 1.Willie Nile - Rockin´ in the free world 2.Cindy Lee Berryhill - It doesn´t matter 3.Clarence Bucaro - Out on the weekend 4.Neal Casal - Hey you (looking at the moon) 5.Carrie Rodriguez - Cortez the killer 6.Marcus Eaton - Bittersweet 7.Eileen Rose and The Legendary Rich Gilbert - Just a song before I go 8.Nick Barker - Long may you run 9.Michael McDermott and Heather Horton - Southern cross 10.Andy Hill and Renee Safier - Thrasher 11.Louis Ledford - Wasted on the way 12.Mary Lee´s Corvette - Tracks in the dust 13.Jenai Huff - I´ll be there for you 14.Ian McNabb - Music is love
3 out of 5

Music is love is a song by David Crosby from his solo album "If I could only remember my name" (1971) but it´s also a 2 CD tribute album to the music of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. The legendary folk rock band well known for their classic concert at Woodstock Festival 1969. They only released 3 studio albums as CSN&Y and 5 studio albums as CSN (without Neil Young), but the members released plenty more solo albums where Neil Young has had the most successful solo career of these 4. This tribute album is packaged with a beautiful 36 page booklet with lots of info about the artists performing the songs and the albums the songs are taken from, a real treat I must say. You can tell CSN&Y started their careers in the summer of love in the late 60´s because these songs are filled with hope and love, something we truly need in these hard times of economic crisis and wars. I won´t go into each and every song on this 27 track double album but the tracks I enjoy the most are "Music is love", "Hey you (looking at the moon)", "Rockin´ in the free world", "After the gold rush", "Hopelessly hoping", "Love the one you´re with" (performed by Stephen Stills daughter Jennifer), "For what it´s worth" and "Guinnevere".

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