Thursday, November 8, 2012

Otep - Sounds Like Armageddon

Otep - Sounds like armageddon (2012) Victory Records
Produced by Otep
Tracks : 1.Battle ready 2.Filthee 3.Crooked spoons 4.Blood pigs 5.Confrontation 6.My confession 7.Rise, Rebel, Resist 8.T.R.I.C. 9.Ghostflowers 10.Fists fall 11.Breed
3 out of 5

"Sounds like armageddon" is the first ever live album from numetal queen Otep Shamaya, it was recorded in 2012 and features the line up of Otep - Vocals, Markus Estrada - Guitar, Rani Sharone - Bass and Gil Sharone - Drums. Otep is not only a singer/songwriter, she also writes poems and handles both growls, rapping and clean vocals excellent. She has released 5 studio albums where the major part of the songs on "Sounds like armageddon" are taken from the Capitol Releases "Sevas Tra" (2002) and "The ascension" (2007), we only get one song, "Rise, Rebel, Resist" from the successful "Smash the control machine" (2009) and one song, "Fists fall" from the latest album "Atavist" (2011). Her vocal style reminds a bit of Perry Farrell (Jane´s Addiction) and when the band takes on their rapmetal suit, Otep bring thoughts to Rage Against The Machine. Especially with the political lyrics. The production is raw and the band sound really tight, the album ends with the Nirvana cover "Breed" but it´s not the best song here. I prefer tracks like the punk-flavored "Rise, Rebel, Resist" and the doom-ish "Blood pigs".
This is good stuff!

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