Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sticky Boys - This is rocknroll

Sticky Boys - This is rock´n´roll (2012) Listenable Records
Produced by Francis Caste / Sticky Boys
Tracks : 1.This is rocknroll 2.Rocknroll nation 3.Bang that head 4.Great big dynamite 5.Girls in the city 6.Big thrill 7.Miss Saturday night 8.The world don´t go round 9.Night rocker 10.Fat boy Charlie 11.The way to rocknroll
2,5 out of 5

One thing for sure, without AC/DC there would be no Sticky Boys. The French hard rock trio has done a decent debut album with "This is rocknroll" and I bet they´re a great party covers band at the local pub if you want your daily dose of AC/DC rock. Sticky Boys has recorded a few really cool 3 chord rockers like "Rocknroll nation", "The world don´t go round" and "Girls in the city", well performed and catchy rocknroll.
But "Bang that head" sounds like a carbon copy of AC/DC´s "Jailbreak" and some of other tunes cannot match the greatest AC/DC clones in the world like Krokus, Airbourne and Trash. I wouldn´t mind seeing Sticky Boys live since they know how to rock but whenever I´m in the mood for some straight ahead rock on CD, I think I´ll go for the real thing instead.

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