Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Strangers - Persona Non Grata

Strangers - Persona Non Grata (2012) Permanent Records
Produced by Tom Larkin
Tracks : 1.Red brick 2.Closer to nowhere 3.Bred for breathing 4.Medication 5.Persona non grata 6.Far too late 7.Searching the low 8.Heiress 9.Glitter kids 10.The yearly drag 11.Long snake moan
3 out of 5

Strangers is a new cool band from Sydney, Australia with roots in 90´s rock where their biggest influence must be Foo Fighters. The debut album "Persona Non Grata" will also appeal to fans of Aussie rock a la Shihad and Grinspoon, it´s a good album where the highlights are "Heiress", "Bred for breathing", "Medication" and "Persona non grata". What I miss though is a killer track that I want to hear over and over again, on the other hand, I can´t find any fillers either. If you want a well performed rock album and don´t care that much about the high Foo Fighters factor, you should look no further because Strangers rock. However, Dave Grohl play in a much bigger league.

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