Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Seeking - Yours Forever

The Seeking - Yours Forever (2012) Razor and Tie Records
Produced by Colby Wedgeworth
Tracks : 1.Only a moment 2.Yours forever 3.Restless 4.You won´t bring me down 5.Narrow lines 6.So cold 7.Change my ways 8.Take it from me 9.How did you know? 10.Alone
3,5 out of 5

California based The Seeking has made an impressive debut album with "Yours forever", this album is filled with infectious choruses and mammoth strong riffs. They blend melodic metal with hardcore and pop, the first single "Restless" is just one fine example of their strength in quality songwriting. Another great song is "How did you know?" that is available on youtube, that songs show pretty much how The Seeking sounds like. One of my personal faves is the title track where the chorus gets stuck like superglue in your head, and don´t worry - they´re more metal than pop.
Highly recommendable!

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