Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Slowdown - A

The Slowdown - A (2012) Independent
Produced by The Slowdown
Tracks : 1.Acting strange of late 2.Wanderlust 3.Runaway 4.A mirror A torch 5.Tears from the compound 6.Left home 7.Segue 1 8.To wonder 9.Visitor 10.Aim for the heart 11.Wardance 12.Segue 2 13.All gone 14.Keeping you 15.Unable to 16.Whispering lights
3 out of 5

Kansas city based The Slowdown ain´t your average rock band, even though they´re influenced by bands like Radiohead, Killing Joke and Led Zeppelin, I think The Slowdown´s got a unique sound. There are traces of psychedelic 70´s rock on their debut album "A" but also a huge dose of 90´s postrock and pieces of experimental music. The lead vocals feels a bit low in the mix but it´s kinda cool anyhow, the opening track "Acting strange of late" bring thoughts to Ken Andrews and Failure. It´s also the best track on the album along with the single "A mirror A torch", which takes the listener all the way back to the glory days of Cream and Led Zeppelin. The more artsy "Tears from the compound" is the most prog-ish track on the album and I would´ve loved to hear more of this style because some songs on the 2nd half of the album feels a bit too complex. It´s a lengthy but solid album.

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