Saturday, November 24, 2012

Woe, is me - Genesi(s)

Woe, is me - Genesi(s) (2012) Velocity / Rise Records
Produced by Woe, is me
Tracks : 1.D-day 2.F.Y.I 3.A story to tell 4.With our friends behind us 5.Nothing left to lose 6.The walking dead 7.I saw I came I conquered 8.Call it like you see it 9.I´ve told you once 10.Family first 11.Nothing left to lose (acoustic version)
3,5 out of 5

Atlanta based Woe, is me released their debut album "Number(s)" in 2010 and everything was looking good for the band but due to personal indifferences between the two singers Tyler Carter and Michael Bohn and the band, Tyler and Michael left and started their new band Issues. Would that be the end of Woe, is me? Not by far, because they´re back with a bang and two new singers in Hance Alligod and Doriano Magliano. Their new album "Genesi(s)" sounds like a destroyer, the guitars walk you over like a caterpillar and when you think it couldn´t get any heavier, they turn it up to 11. I really love their mix of metalcore and pop punk, and I´m not alone since "Genesi(s)" is currently on the top 10 on the iTunes rock chart in U.S.A. The song "Nothing left to lose" gets stuck in the head like superglue and I also enjoy the acoustic version at the end of the record. Woe, is me ROCK!

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