Friday, December 28, 2012

3milehigh - 3milehigh

3milehigh - 3milehigh (2006) Global Music
Produced by 3milehigh
Tracks : 1.Always watching 2.United states of England 3.Adrenalin 4.1+1=3 5.Powerless 6.Sunshine in a bag 7.Plastic superstar 8.Cardboard world 9.Love me when you sleep 10.Skin
3 out of 5

Wohoo, I just found a dozen of CD´s from 2006-2007 that I haven´t listened to yet. During this time, I had so many review requests at that it was impossible to write about all albums I received so let´s get down to business and start with the Leeds based rock band 3milehigh. Their only release was this self titled album from 2006 and then I guess they split up, no info over at myspace from what I can see. They made a video of the single "Always watching" that sounds like a mix between Foo Fighters and Billy Idol, I like that song. The following "United states of England" is more of a classic rock tune in the same vein as Little Angels. There are actually more Aussie rock vibes over the rest of the album than a typical Britrock sound, just listen to "1+1=3" that bring thoughts to Noiseworks. A good album worth checking out.

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