Sunday, December 9, 2012

Deceptor - Chains of delusion

Deceptor - Chains of delusion (2013) Shadow Kingdom Records
Produced by Deceptor
Tracks : 1.Transmission I 2.To know infinity 3.Heatseeker 4.Transmission II 5.Sentient shackles 6.Oblivions call
2 out of 5

If you´re into old school thrash metal a la Metal Church, Megadeth (80´s era) and the Metal For Muthas compilations. Then I suggest you take a note of U.K based trio Deceptor´s new mini album "Chains of delusion" that will be out in early 2013. Listening to their new songs feels like being sent back in a time machine to 1983, I don´t mind new bands raising the flag of old school metal and the artwork is pretty cool but I´m not that impressed by their songwriting skills. Perhaps, Deceptor would´ve been a cult band back in those days but the only track that sounds great is "Sentient shackles".
They´re good musicians anyhow.

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