Saturday, December 8, 2012

Infernal Poetry - Paraphiliac

Infernal Poetry - Paraphiliac (2013) Bakerteam Records
Produced by Infernal Poetry
Tracks : 1.Preliminaries 2.Stumps 3.In glorious orgy 4.Hypertrophic jellyfish 5.Everything means I 6.Barf together 7.Cartilages 8.The copy paste syndrome 9.The miss treated 10.Paraphilias
2 out of 5

The Italian death metal band Infernal Poetry formed in the mid 90´s and has released 4 full length albums including the latest one "Paraphiliac" which is their first for Bakerteam Records. The new album also has traces of extreme metal and hardcore, it is well performed and well produced but the songs lack of interesting songstructures and tend to go for maximum force all the way through. Thumbs up for the great guitar harmonies though, a song like "Barf together" really caught my attention but unfortunately it´s one of few highlights here. Fans of this band might be easily flirted by "Paraphiliac" but I think 3 turns in my stereo is enough.

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