Monday, December 24, 2012

Stonefield - Bad reality

Stonefield - Bad Reality (2012) Wunderkind Records
Produced by Stonefield
Tracks : 1.Bad reality 2.Move out of my shadow 3.Ruby skies 4.Who are you 5.Black water rising 6.Yes master
3 out of 5

Stonefield is a new rock band from down under with 4 sisters, heavily influenced by late 60´s and early 70´s rock. They debuted with the "Through the clover" EP in 2010 and also played at the Glastonbury Festival in England. This fall, their follow up "Bad reality" is available and the listener truly gets a major dose of guitar oriented rock. The title track "Bad reality" bring thoughts to Lenny Kravitz while the single "Ruby skies" can be described as Aussie rock with a 70´s feel, a personal fave on this EP. "Black water rising" will appeal to fans of Black Crowes and Led Zeppelin, I really dig the groove in this record. A solid affair all the way through.
Other famous all female bands worth mentioning : The Bangles, 4 Non Blondes, The Runaways, Girlschool, Vixen, Antigone Rising, Drain, Crucified Barbara, Sahara Hotnights, The Donnas, Rock Goddess, Vanilla Ninja, Phantom Blue.

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