Monday, December 31, 2012

Tin Foil Phoenix - Age of vipers

Tin Foil Phoenix - Age of vipers (2007) Independent
Produced by Brandon Friesen
Tracks : 1.Maybe I shouldn´t drive 2.Not how the west was won 3.Hurry home 4.Have a nice day 5.Age of vipers 6.Stick it to the man 7.Insomnia 8.I never knew you 9.Picked up the pieces 10.the stuff 11.At least I have my health 12.The snake is eating itself 13.Man of constant sorrow
3,5 out of 5

I have had this album in my collection for 5 years but didn´t listen to it until now, don´t ask me why. I know it´s stupid. I did a review of Tin Foil Phoenix´s first album "Living in the shadow of the bat" (2004) at and thought it was a good groove rock album. For fans of Crazy Town and Lenny Kravitz. That album was released on Chad Kroeger´s label 604 Records but the 2nd album "Age of vipers" is self released, and to my surprise also stronger than the debut. If you´re new to this band, TFP was formerly known as Sonic Bloom before signing with 604 Records. You should check out their 2001 album "Hurry", a really good album too. It´s been quiet around this band ever since the "Age of vipers" album but I´m glad I listened to it because this is quality rock from Canada. Not as groovy as "Living in the shadow of the bat" but   more of a timeless rock album. Imagine Blessid Union of Souls meets Everclear. Thumbs up!

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