Friday, December 28, 2012

Vivian - Vivianism

Vivian - Vivianism (2007) Fastball Music
Produced by Vivian
Tracks : 1.Paradise 2.Maybe please 3.Bad creation 4.Streets on fire 5.May 6.Whenever you´re gone 7.Time 8.Perfect world 9.You might be wrong 10.All fall down 11.Step back 12.My flavour
3,5 out of 5

This album was reviewed by Juha at when it came out a few years ago, he gave it 3 stars and thought it was a pretty good powerpop album. I would rather say it´s more of a melodic rock album with traces of powerpop, imagine Kane meets Reamonn with hints of Weezer and you´ll get the Swiss band Vivian. There are even songs that flirts with Bon Jovi (their 90´s era), "Vivianism" from 2007 is a strong album where the best songs are at the beginning and the end of the album. The first 3 tracks are awesome, my favorite track is "Bad creation". That one belong on a mixtape for sure. The band Vivian is lead by Roger Vivian on Lead Vocals/Guitar and they have toured with Status Quo, other albums available are "V" (2001), "Dont look down" (2006), "Alive" (2007) and "Nordic hotel" (2009).

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