Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Digital Noise Academy - Digital Noise Academy

Digital Noise Academy - Digital Noise Academy (2013) Independent
Produced by Ken Andrews
Tracks : 1.Thursday night party 2.Melting inside 3.Star clusters 4.Gone cold 5.Synemy 6.What´s left 7.Circulation 8.Stop running 9.Touch
3,5 out of 5

This is a cool project of musicians and producers from California, USA. Digital Noise Academy started recording music back in 2009 but it wasn´t until 2012 when they launched a kickstarter campaign to record the entire debut album. Behind DNA are Ken Andrews - Vocals/Keyboards (Failure, Year of the Rabbit), Charlotte Martin - Vocals, Jordan Zadorozny - Guitar (Blinker The Star), Sharky Laguana - Guitar (Creeper Lagoon), Fernando Sanchez - Drums (Volumen Cero) and Justin Meldal-Johnsen - Bass (Beck). There´s a lot of talent and pro-musicianship in this album, you can´t hardly complain about the production because it´s not raw or medium, this is WELL DONE! But I find it hard to describe the sound of DNA, the music is rather varied with traces of different genres such as artpop, postrock and electronica. "Synemy" is a very beautiful song with those typical Charlotte Martin vibes, while "What´s left" bring thoughts to Sting. Other tracks sounds like a mix between Moby and Beck, and I´m no fan of "Thursday night party" but "Melting inside" and "Star clusters" are really good songs. Want your daily dose of Ken Andrews? Then check out the awesome "Circulation", how cool isn´t that tune?

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