Saturday, January 19, 2013

Karnya - Coverin´ thoughts

Karnya - Coverin´ thoughts (2013) Bakerteam Records
Produced by Karnya
Tracks : 1.Mechanical mixtures 2.Flooding blood 3.Coverin´ thoughts 4.Wait4more 5.Fallen angel 6.Stronger 7.Where the silence remains 8.Sliver 9.Hariel 10.Ego´s end 11.A paraphreniac menticede 12.Still alive?
3 out of 5

Karnya is a new progressive metal band from Rome, Italy. With members from Utopia and Zen, their debut "Coverin´ thoughts" is a well arranged album performed by impressive musicians and a strong vocalist in Fransesca Naccarelli. They´re influenced by 70´s prog, modern metal and classical music, I think this lengthy album could´ve been 10 or 15 minutes shorter because it´s quite demanding for the mind to take in such massive and technical parts for more than an hour. Dream Theater warning here! Although I think Karnya sounds more like Circus Maximus, Frameshift and Sun Caged. The title track is awesome and the 15 minute long "A paraphreniac menticede" is a splendid progmetal journey, I think the short piece "Hariel" is really beautiful and the powerful "Where the silence remains" stand out too. A standing ovation for the excellent musicianship once again.

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