Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mos Generator - Nomads

Mos Generator - Nomads (2012) Ripple Music
Produced by Tony Reed
Tracks : 1.Cosmic ark 2.Lonely one Kenobi 3.Torches 4.Step up 5.Solar angels 6.For your blood 7.Can´t get where I belong 8.Nomads 9.This is the gift of nature
3 out of 5

The U.S trio Mos Generator released their self titled debut in 2002 but went on a 3 year long hiatus after the previous album "Destroy! The Mos Generator" (2008). The band is fronted by Tony Reed on guitar/vocals and he´s backed up by Scooter Haslip - Bass and Shawn Johnson - Drums, they are heavily influenced by Black Sabbath but sounds more like modern hard rock bands such as The Sword, Wolfmother and Graveyard. The new album "Nomads" is really solid from start to finish where the highlights are "Step up" and the Kiss-like "Solar angels". Mos Generator is more about riffs than radio ready choruses, one thing for sure - rock like this will never die.

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