Friday, January 11, 2013

Otep - Hydra

Otep - Hydra (2013) Victory Records
Produced by Otep
Tracks : 1.Rising 2.Blowtorch nightlight 3.Seduce and destroy 4.Crush 5.Hematopia 6.Necromantic 7.Quarantine 8.Voyeur 9.Apex predator 10.Feral game 11.Livestock 12.Hag 13.Theophagy
3,5 out of 5
Otep has decided to go out with a bang on her last studio album "Hydra", whether she will just continue to perform live or simply retire from the music business hasn´t come to my attention yet. She has worked on a novel for 2 years about a girl facing the horrors on a barbaric island, the album "Hydra" is based on that novel and from what I can hear via the music, it truly sounds like a soundtrack for a horror movie. Otep has managed to capture the suspense in the studio, I can only believe what a suggestive thriller this could be if it was a film. The music has depth and the scary vibes would certainly make Alice Cooper proud. I didn´t understand a thing the first two times I listened to the record but now I get it all, put on your headphones and turn off the light. I promise you that you will be a part of the story standing beside the girl Otep´s singing about. She has put a lot of hard work in this album, so don´t just listen to it one time and put it away.

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