Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Plot In You - Could you watch your children burn

The Plot In You - Could you watch your children burn (2013) Rise Records
Produced by Landon Tewers
Tracks : 1.Premeditated 2.Fiction religion 3.Digging your grave 4.Population control 5.Troll 6.The devil´s control 7.Shyann weeps 8.Sober and soulless 9.Bible butcher 10.Glad you´re gone
3,5 out of 5

Ohio based metalcore act The Plot In You doesn´t hold back on their 2nd album "Could you watch your children burn", this is metal with a big M. If 2012 was the year for Parkway Drive and their critically acclaimed album "Atlas" in the metalcore genre, 2013 has every chance to belong to The Plot In You. Their debut "First born" took them out to support Whitechapel and Emmure, this year they´re ready to take it one step further and become an even bigger name. Tracks like "Troll", "Premeditated" and "Sober and soulless" are gigantic riff constructions. Singer Landon Tewers is not kidding around, he´s dead serious and angry for real when he shouts out the words "Fuck your dumb tattoo" in "Shyann weeps". The melodic "Glad you´re gone" is quite catchy and a possible single contender, this is stadium rock my friends.
I don´t get the track "The devil´s control" though, it sounds like something that´s still in it´s first stage on the writing board. But it´s just a small detail in a big tasty metal cake.

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