Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Doggerland - No mind of it´s own

Doggerland - No mind of it´s own (2013) Pug-Nose Records
Produced by Doggerland
Tracks : 1.Dog 2.Wired 3.Apathy 4.Moniiq 5.Small space mysticism
3,5 out of 5

"No mind of it´s own" is the debut EP from Norwegian rock band Doggerland, and it´s quite an interesting EP too. These guys didn´t take the mainstream lane on the music highway, they went for the more daring and experimental lane instead where the music is both artsy and progressive. At their website, you can stream a few songs including the first single "Dog". Their sound bring thoughts to early Muse, Mew and even Sunny Day Real Estate in some moments. I must say that "Dog" isn´t the best track here although I find it really good, the following "Wired" and "Apathy" are much better. I just love the guitar work and dark atmosphere in those songs. You might think they´re a bit complex the first time you listen but give them a chance, there are some really cool arrangements on this EP.

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