Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Great White - 30 years, Live from the Sunset strip

Great White - 30 years, Live from the Sunset strip (2013) Frontiers Records
Produced by Great White
Tracks : 1.Desert moon 2.Lady red light 3.Face the day 4.House of broken love 5.Save your love 6.Mista bone 7.Big goodbye 8.Back to the rhythm 9.Rock me 10.Can´t shake it 11.Once bitten, twice shy
2 out of 5

American hard rock band Great White are celebrating 30 years with the new live album "30 years, Live from the Sunset strip", recorded on the legendary Sunset strip in L.A. We get a selection of their biggest hits and if you compare it to one of their Best of albums, you´ll see most of these songs over and over again. All tracks are taken from their albums between 1986-1992 except for "Back to the rhythm" which is taken from the album with the same title released in 2007. This is their 8th live album but the first one with the new frontman Terry Illous (XYZ), he was 5 years old when Great White started. Cool. However, I think there´s just too much blues on this record with long boring intron and the tiresome "House of broken love", I do like "Lady red light" and the beautiful ballad "Save your love". But why is the lead vocals so low in the mix? Do the fans really need another live album with this band?

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