Thursday, February 7, 2013

Midrone - Foreverness

Midrone - Foreverness (2013) Independent
Produced by Paul J.N.
Tracks : 1.A miracle is in the air 2.Arabian wonders 3.The little walk down memory lane 4.Many ways to say goodbye 5.Springtime nights 6.Don´t mean anything 7.The party´s over 8.Halo 9.The story of Jimmy Jack 10.Foreverness
3 out of 5

Midrone is a one man band from Madrid, Spain with 4 albums released. Earlier, he has written songs in both Spanish and English but on the new album "Foreverness", the songs are only in English. When I listened to the songs from his previous albums, I thought the sound felt a bit shattered with many different styles but the new album is more focused on classic 70´s pop with traces of 80´s synth pop. Some songs are slightly progressive too which only makes the result even more enjoyable, he could work a bit harder on the production though because it feels a bit lowbudget. But I really enjoy songs like "A miracle is in the air", "Springtime nights" and "The story of Jimmy Jack". This guy is a talented songwriter.

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