Sunday, February 10, 2013

Player - Too many reasons

Player - Too many reasons (2013) Frontiers Records
Produced by Player
Tracks : 1.Man on fire 2.Precious 3.I will 4.Tell me 5.Sins of yesterday 6.You´re my addiction 7.Too many reasons 8.To the extreme 9.The words you say 10.Life in color 11.Part of me 12.Kites 13.Nothing like you 14.Baby come back
2 out of 5

Player could be one of the most unexpected comebacks last year when they announced they would release the "You´re my addiction" EP, followed by the full length "Too many reasons" in 2013. Only 2 of 4 original members are in Player anno 2013, they are Peter Beckett - Lead Vocals/Guitar and Ronn Moss - Bass/Vocals. Together with John Friesen - Drums and JC Crowley - Keyboards, they were quite successful in the late 70´s with albums like "Player" and "Danger zone". They released 2 more albums in the early 80´s before parting ways and then recorded a reunion album in 1996, the new album "Too many reasons" doesn´t really sound like a 100% Player album but more like a mix between Beckett solo and Player, we´re dealing with a soft rock sound here where the westcoast vibes are all over these 14 tracks. I´m not complaining about the quality of the songs because some are really great like "I will", "Tell me", "Sins of yesterday" and "To the extreme" but what about the production? Are these demos? If it would´ve been released by a major label back in 1982, the album cover would´ve said "unreleased demos". Poor sound quality I´m afraid.

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