Thursday, February 21, 2013

Well Hung Heart - Young enough to know it all

Well Hung Heart - Young enough to know it all (2013) Independent
Produced by Well Hung Heart
Tracks : 1.Bulls#!t 2.Devil 3.This is not love 4.Wedding song 5.Savioritis 6.You got me 7.Oh girl 8.Love me baby 9.If you want it 10.Die in a dream 11.Get the F out of California
4 out of 5

Well Hung Heart is a duo from Orange County, California, featuring the adorable singer Greta Valenti and the talented guitarist Robin Davey. The first time I heard this duo was a live acoustic recording on youtube and I never expected for a minute that their debut album "Young enough to know it all" would be such an explosive rocknroll album. I´ve heard Greta in her former band Fuji Minx which was more of a new wave/indie pop band and Well Hung Heart is a completely different kind of band, let me tell you. WHH has released a few singles before this 11 track album including the very cool "The music made me do it" which isn´t included here. But there are lots of raw and slamming rock on this album to satisfy the most demanding Led Zep fan, I don´t know how they did it but WHH managed to capture the sound of a band playing live on stage. Yes it´s the same feel and groove here. I think they sound a bit like White Stripes meets PJ Harvey with traces of Led Zeppelin. My favorite tracks are "Wedding song", "Devil" and "Bulls#!t".

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