Sunday, March 10, 2013

De La Cruz - Street Level

De La Cruz - Street Level (2013) Frontiers Records
Produced by De La Cruz
Tracks : 1.Street level 2.Girls go wild 3.Turn it up 4.Legions of love 5.Gimme love 6.Cherry bomb 7.Dreaming 8.Invincible 9.Worlds collide 10.S.E.X 11.Set the night 12.Shine
2 out of 5

1987 called and wanted their clothes back, it seems like De La Cruz from down under found their parents 80´s wear in the attic and thought it was a great idea to get the full package of hairspray, tattoos, scarfs and denim. What´s missing then? Songs about women, partying and rocknroll of course. They´ve got one of their songs featured on ClassicRock Magazine´s AOR sampler in early 2012 and are also giving away their 2011 EP for free at their website. I won´t be surprised if we get to see De La Cruz at Rocklahoma Festival soon, they´re a perfect match with the hairmetal soundtrack of "Street level". I´m not that all excited over this 2nd division Motley Crue/Ratt/Dokken sleaze rock, they´re just as unique as snow in Himalaya but if you´re dying to have everything released in this genre - "Street level" is just what you´re looking for.

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