Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hardreams - Unbroken Promises

Hardreams - Unbroken Promises (2013) Perris Records
Produced by Tomi Perez
Tracks : 1.Count on me 2.A high mountain to climb 3.It´s only love 4.The war is over 5.Woman in black 6.Now you´re mine 7.The land inside our souls 8.Goin´ fast 9.Unbroken promises 10.Cross the line 11.All and now
3 out of 5

Spain ain´t exactly a big country when it comes to producing AOR bands but there are a few such as 91 Suite, Bad Way, Airless, Niagara and Hardreams. "Unbroken promises" is the first studio album from Hardreams since the 2008 album "The road goes on", we´re talking traditional AOR here with a decent production. The album opens with "Count on me" that sounds a bit like Scorpions goes AOR, it´s a nice song that grows for each spin. The 2nd track "A high mountain to climb" is more average and it doesn´t move me that much but I do put on a big smile when "It´s only love" comes one, what a lovely fresh breath of the 80´s we get with this pink and fluffy AOR chorus. "The war is over" is heavier and although I didn´t like it the first two times, this semi-pompous song gets better every time I hear it. Ok, I must admit that Hardreams is hardly a unique band but their new album is good and the great title track is reason enough for AOR fans to check it out.

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