Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mikael Persson - Marks and bleeds

Mikael Persson - Marks and bleeds (2013) Paraply Records
Produced by Peter Holmstedt
Tracks : 1.The room 2.Not a human in sight 3.Roughhouse boys 4.Room of the virgins 5.Some 50 roads 6.Scarf around your neck 7.You must be my eyes 8.Man with hound by his cottage 9.Cottage revisited 10.Only you 11.St.James park 12.Fall into my arms
3 out of 5

The talented singer/songwriter Mikael Persson must be pretty pleased to have such a great team onboard his new album "Marks and bleeds" like keyboard player Klas Qvist (Citizen K), Janni Littlepage on vocals and Greg Copeland that contributed with the unreleased song "Roughhouse boys". Two songs from his previous "Man with hound" EP are featured here, they are "Some 50 roads" and "Man with hound by his cottage". I think the EP is a bit stronger but the new album continues where the EP left off, I dig the warm sound and truly love his beautiful cover of Yazoo´s "Only you". It´s a slow version and a totally new take on this synthpop classic, thumbs up for the nice duet with Janni Littlepage. Another song I´m fond is "Room of the virgins", it´s my personal fave along with the Dire Straits-like "St.James Park". This is a solid album and I think you should check it out if you´re into folkrock.

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