Friday, March 22, 2013

Orango - Colonial Militia Vol.2

Orango - Colonial Militia Vol.2 (2013) Division Records
Produced by Kai Christoffersen / Orango
Tracks : 1.Intermezzo Tenerae Caesar Part 2 2.Kick him out 3.Sundown 4.Jade stones 5.Talkin´ `bout you 6.Easy street 7.Ain´t that a lot of love 8.Soulville 9.Shiny fools 10.No one´s on my payroll 11.Sunny side up 12.Finale : Electric clouds across the horizon Part 2
3 out of 5

Now this is a cool band, the Norwegian trio Orango that is a new acquaintance for me. Their new album "Colonial militia Vol.2" is the follow up and 2nd part of the double album "Colonial militia" and Vol.1 that came out last year. The band debuted with "Villa exile" in 2004 and seven years later, the 2nd album "Confessions" was released. This trio love to explore varied genres such as 60´s Britrock, classic rock of the 70´s and psychedelic blues.....if there is such a genre, well there is now. Imagine a mix of The Kinks, The Hellacopters and Lenny Kravitz and we´re close to the sound of Orango. They deliver 3-part harmony vocals, groovy riffs and boogie rhythms like it´s the easiest thing around. This is a good album that grows for each time I listen to it, my favorites are "Sundown" and "Ain´t that a lot of love".

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