Friday, March 8, 2013

Rika - How to draw a river, step by step

Rika - How to draw a river, step by step (2013) Count Your Lucky Stars Records
Produced by Rika and Big Rok
Tracks : 1.Restless 2.Port Dover 3.Mute 4.See-through 5.Safety points 6.Ultramarine blue 7.October 8.Retrospect 9.Treasure 10.Departure
3 out of 5

The bands I know from Austria can be listed on the fingers on my right hand, Falco, Opus, Ecliptica, Sinetry and now also Rika. However I´m new to the band Rika even though they formed in 2005 but recently released their debut album "How to draw a river, step by step". This quartet makes beautiful autumn-like rock, quite laid back and almost fragile. It takes a few spins to get into the music but it grows on ya, I really do think "How to draw a river, step by step" is a good album where the highlights are "Port Dover", "See-through" and "Ultramarine blue". For fans of As Tall As Lions, Death Cab For Cutie and Copeland.

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