Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tilian - Material Me

Tilian - Material Me (2013) Vital Records
Produced by Matt Malpass
Tracks : 1.Now or never 2.Someday 3.Waste my time 4.Chemicals 5.Up in the air 6.You´ll forget me soon 7.Favor 8.Ghost 9.Flutter 10.Feel it again
4 out of 5

Ever since Owl City conquered the charts, the genre of electro pop has exploded all over the world. But if you ask me, I think the Danes started this way before Owl City with bands like Carpark North, Dune and Marvel Hill. The Danish bands use more guitars and that´s where Tilian´s new solo album "Material Me" comes in, we get the best of both worlds here with the poppy sounds of Owl City to the more rocking electronica with Danish vibes. Tilian Pearson is also the singer in post hardcore band Dance Gavin Dance but this album is on the other side of the planet soundwise compared to DGD. No doubt, these 10 songs are superinfectious and well produced. I just love Tilian´s voice, it´s handmade and perfect for this type of dance rock. Definitely for fans of Hurts and Breathe Carolina. Highly recommendable!

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