Saturday, March 9, 2013

Vanna - The few and the far between

Vanna - The Few and The Far Between (2013) Artery Recordings / Razor and Tie Records
Produced by Jay Maas
Tracks : 1.The far and the few between 2.The lost art of staying alive 3.Year of the rat 4.I said I´m fine 5.Casket rhythm 6.The weekly slap in the face 7.Please stay 8.A thin place 9.The dreamer, the thief, the relic 10.When in roam 11.His heels
3 out of 5

Boston is the most European city in America, the music climate in these parts of the east coast is a bit different than the rest of the states. Like for example, Vanna that gives the listener a fresh breath of the deathmetal scene in Gothenburg as well as a touch of NWOBHM and ofcourse, a huge dose of classic hardcore. The band has released 2 full length albums on Epitaph Records and with "The few and the far between", also 2 full length albums on Artery Recordings.  I´m rather new to this band but I dig what I hear, there´s a lot of energy in this band and I welcome the thing that they doesn´t sound like your average post hardcore band. If Rihanna would do a cover of "Please stay", it would most certainly be a hit. It´s a fab song and I also love the punk-ish "I said I´m fine" with the brilliant chorus in the best alternative metal style. Thumbs up for the cool title "When in roam", yeah. This is good stuff.

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