Saturday, April 6, 2013

Adelaine - Currents

Adelaine - Currents (2013) Mosaic Artistry Group
Produced by Adelaine
Tracks : 1.Two cents 2.Tug of war 3.Square one 4.Bad blood 5.We´ve got it now 6.Antidote 7.I once knew 8.Every once in a while 9.Let go 10.Trail blazer 11.Out of line 12.Home
3 out of 5

Houston, Texas is the home for bands like Destiny´s Child, Blue October, Fighting Gemini and the female fronted rock band Adelaine that scored a top 10 hit with "Do or die" from their debut "Take heart" EP (2011). Now they´re back with the full length album "Currents" and the music is trendy and catchy but also a bit average. There is a jungle out there now with bands that follow Paramore soundwise, not a bad thing really since most of these bands are quite good such as We Are The InCrowd, Carson, Automatic Loveletter etc. But you need to stand out if you´re gonna last on the charts and aim for longevity in the music business, "Currents" is a solid album no doubt where singer Stormy Pina is very talented but I also think they should develop their sound for the next release. This band is just too good to be labeled as Paramore clones, the new single "Bad blood" is hardly the best song here but it´s good. I prefer to listen over and over again to songs like "I once knew" and "Two cents". However, I bet Adelaine will have a good year.

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