Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Devil To Pay - Fate is your muse

Devil To Pay - Fate is your muse (2013) Ripple Music
Produced by Devil To Pay
Tracks : 1.Prepare to die 2.Wearin you down 3.Ten lizardmen 4.Yes master 5.Already dead 6.This train won´t stop 7.Savonarola 8.Black black heart 9.The naked truth 10.Mass psychosis 11.Tie one on 12.Beyond the ether
2 out of 5

There´s no arguing with if Indianapolis based Devil To Play is heavy rock, because this is heavy shit. The song "Yes master" would make Tony Iommi proud but although I appreciate theír will of delivering some great riffs, I don´t think all the songs hold. "Beyond the ether" and "Ten lizardmen" are two really good songs but they are just too few here, it´s cool though that there are traces of Soundgarden and Black Sabbath in their sound. "Fate is your muse" can be described as a soup of rocknroll, grunge and metal where the band thinks it´s more important with riffs than strong choruses. If you should by any chance dig this album, then you´ll got 3 more studio albums to check out from DTP.
Also for fans of The Sword, Mustasch and Monster Magnet

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