Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Jeff Lynne - Armchair Theatre (re-issue)

Jeff Lynne - Armchair Theatre (2013 re-issue) Frontiers Records
Produced by Jeff Lynne
Tracks : 1.Every little thing 2.Don´t let go 3.Lift me up 4.Nobody home 5.September song 6.Now you´re gone 7.Don´t say goodbye 8.What would it take 9.Stormy weather 10.Blown away 11.Save me now 12.Borderline 13.Forecast
2,5 out of 5

I wonder how the deal looked like when Frontiers wanted the license to release the ELO albums "The very best of", "Live" and "Zoom", I bet Lynne said -no ELO without re-releasing my solo album "Armchair theatre" from 1990. I can understand why Frontiers wanted their hands on the classic ELO stuff but Lynne´s solo album is hardly anything that fits in well with Frontiers melodic rock catalogue. But now they´ve got it and to do the best of the situation is to promote it and hope that they´ll sell a few copies along the way, I never had this on CD or vinyl myself because it was just too far away from the ELO sound I love. You could say Lynne, George Harrison and Traveling Wilburys were like a big happy family during the years 1987-1990 because Lynne was involved in all of them and we´ve got the same production on all albums.
George Harrison is also playing on Lynne´s solo album that had two hits in "Every little thing" and the amazing "Lift me up", I love the latter one. This album not only contains Lynne´s original songs, there are also  3 covers in "Don´t let go" by blues man Jesse Stone and 2 jazz songs from the 30´s with "September song" and "Stormy weather". I can do without those songs but the wonderful pop of "What would it take" is magnificent. Too bad this album didn´t have more of that, however it´s cool to hear the bonus tracks "Borderline" and "Forecast". They´re both good where "Borderline" was previously released as a b-side to "Lift me up" in 1990 and "Forecast" is an unreleased song recorded in 1989, the most ELO-esque song on "Armchair theatre".

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