Monday, April 22, 2013

Rhys Marsh and The Autumn Ghost - The Blue Hour

Rhys Marsh and The Autumn Ghost - The Blue Hour (2012) Termo Records
Produced by Rhys Marsh
Tracks : 1.And I wait 2.Read the cards 3.The movements of our last farewell 4.Broken light 5.Wooden heart 6.Further from the truth 7.The place where you lay 8.One more moment
2 out of 5

I´ve been to Trondheim, Norway when I was around 10 years old. I thought it was a beautiful city by the coast and now I also know it´s the hometown for bands like TNT, Stagedolls and Rhys Marsh. I´m a huge fan of the first two bands but I have a hard time liking Rhys Marsh melancholic and experimental music. It´s not really bad, just a bit weird. You can call it indie jazz, because his songs are somewhere between indie pop and jazz. There are a couple of nice songs on his 3rd album "The blue hour" like "Read the cards" and "Wooden heart" but the rest don´t move me at all. His band The Autumn Ghost features members of Anekdoten, White Willow, Wobbler and others. Since this album is from last year, Rhys Marsh is already releasing his 4th album "Trio" on April 29th. I think I´ll skip it.

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