Monday, May 6, 2013

Amos Slade - Hungry Earth

Amos Slade - Hungry Earth (2013) Independent
Produced by Mike Dresch
Tracks : 1.Sahara 2.Stones 3.Down the map 4.Lunacy 5.Interstates 6.Millions 7.Builder Burglar 8.Haunted 9.Caskets 10.Circles 11.Mara 12.Orphans
4 out of 5

Amos Slade is a new band from South Dakota featuring singer/songwriter Nick Engbers, drummer Phil Mueller and The Spill Canvas members Dan Ludeman - Guitar and Landon Heil - Bass. I can highly recommend their debut album "Hungry Earth" if you´re a fan of midwest rock or alternative rock, the production from Mike Dresch is crystal clear and has that important big budget sound. Nick Engbers vocal performance is the highlight of this album, I bet he could carry the songs with just his voice no matter genre he´s singing. The music bring thoughts to The Almost, Blue October and Green River Ordinance. A blend of modern pop/rock, Americana and roots rock that belong on the charts. I love all the songs on "Hungry Earth" but pay more attention to the brilliance of "Down the map", "Millions" and "Sahara". What a great band!

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