Sunday, May 19, 2013

Burning Rain - Epic obsession

Burning Rain - Epic Obsession (2013) Frontiers Records
Produced by Burning Rain
Tracks : 1.Sweet little baby thing 2.The cure 3.Till you die 4.Heaven gets me by 5.Pray out loud 6.Our time is gonna come 7.Too hard to break 8.My lust your fate 9.Made for your heart 10.Ride the monkey 11.Out in the cold again 12.When can I believe in love 13.Kashmir 14.Heaven gets me by (acoustic)
3 out of 5

In 2004, Burning Rain signed a recording contract for a 3rd album to be released on Frontiers when Whitesnake was on hiatus which is now. It´s been 13 years since Doug Aldrich and Keith St.John´s latest Burning Rain album but now they´re back with "Epic obsession". The new one is a bit heavier than the first two albums and they´ve got a new rhythm section in Sean McNabb - Bass (Quiet Riot) and Matt Starr - Drums (Ace Frehley). The sound on "Epic obsession" will appeal to fans of Mr Big, Badlands and Europe´s 2012 album "Bag of bones", just listen to songs like "Sweet little baby thing" and "Our time is gonna come" and you´ll know what I mean. "Heaven gets me by" could´ve been featured on the Coverdale Page album from 1993, and talking about Led Zep-ish music - Burning Rain also give us a cool cover of "Kashmir". I think this is a good album but it´s not as great as "Pleasure to burn" from 2000.

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