Sunday, May 19, 2013

Burning Rain - Pleasure to burn

Burning Rain - Pleasure to burn (2013) Frontiers Records
Produced by Burning Rain
Tracks : 1.Fireball 2.Love emotion 3.Stone cold ´n crazy 4.Cherie, don´t break my heart 5.Shot down 6.Love de jour 7.Faithfully yours 8.Sex machine 9.Metal superman 10.Judgement day 11.Devil money 12.Live for that rush (demo) 13.Cherie, don´t break my heart (acoustic)
3,5 out of 5

Burning Rain´s long out of print records are now available again thanks to Frontiers Records, their 2nd album "Pleasure to burn" was originally released in 2000 but now is re-issued with 2 bonus tracks. I think "Pleasure to burn" is a bit stronger than their self titled debut and the six string work from Doug Aldrich is amazing here. The style on this album lies more towards Whitesnake´s 1987 album, Blue Murder and Hardline. "Cherie, don´t break my heart" is classic AOR while "Love emotion" is a great riff rocker that would please Mr.Coverdale. I just love to crank up the volume to the epic "Stone cold ´n crazy" which bring thoughts to John Sykes Blue Murder, the ballad "Faithfully yours" feels a bit average but there aren´t a lot of fillers on this album. "Sex machine" sounds like Ratt meets Van Halen, cool! The artwork and the unreleased demo "Live for that rush" might not be that classy but the rest is, and by the way, "Fireball" is not a Deep Purple cover. It´s a Burning Rain song and it rocks.

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