Monday, May 13, 2013

Candlelight Red - Reclamation

Candlelight Red - Reclamation (2013) Imagen Records
Produced by Morgan Rose
Tracks : 1.Reflecting 2.Broken glass 3.Feel the same 4.Life as we know it 5.Requiem 6.Like a disease 7.Control 8.Lifeless 9.RX 10.Cutter 11.Over again 12.Sleeping awake 13.Demons
3,5 out of 5

One cup of strong black coffee, a slice of a chocolate cake with whipped cream and the new album from Candlelight Red in my headphones. That´s a great combination, in fact we get strong riffs in a sweet sound on "Reclamation" which suits the coffee break I´m having. It sounds like Candlelight Red thought about it all when they wrote the songs for their 2nd full length album, with anything from massive metal for the headbangers to radio ready rockers and smart riff driven rock for the thinking man. Sevendust drummer Morgan Rose did a great job on the production and my thoughts go to bands like Dark New Day and 10 Years while listening to this 13 track album. We get 9 brand new tracks and the 4 tracks from the 2012 "Demons" EP. The new single "Feel the same" has potential to be a hit just like their 2011 active rock hit "Closer", I´m impressed by this well crafted album where songs like "Like a disease" and "Reflecting" will end up on many playlists over 2013. Get this album on June 4th when it´s out.

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