Friday, May 31, 2013

One Mile Left - The high rise afternoon

One Mile Left - The high rise afternoon (2013) Independent
Produced by Achim Lindermeir
Tracks : 1.Fast kills, cheap thrills 2.Back in town 3.You, me and the dealer tonight 4.I want to go out with Saylor Twift 5.Jenny
3 out of 5

One Mile Left is a pop punk trio from Germany, they are huge fans of Blink 182 and did covers of "Feeling this" and "I miss you" on their previous "Cover the shit" album released earlier this year. That album also contains covers of The Fray, Taylor Swift, Wheatus, Katy Perry, Westlife, Rihanna etc. One Mile Left has also released an album of original songs in 2012 called "Behind the story" plus this new EP, I think "The high rise afternoon" is a nice EP with 5 uplifting tracks that would do justice on an early Blink 182 record. And why not because Tom DeLonge and Co hardly make pop punk this way anylonger, B182 sound more like DeLonge´s Angels and Airwaves these days. Best song - Jenny.

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