Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sainthood Reps / Weatherbox - Split

Sainthood Reps / Weatherbox - Split (2013) Topshelf Records
Produced by Sainthood Reps / Weatherbox
Tracks : 1.Sainthood Reps - Deadlines 2.Weatherbox - Big news
3,5 out of 5

The new split single from Topshelf Records is the best release I´ve heard so far from this indie label. It contains one new song each from Long Island based Sainthood Reps and San Diego rockers Weatherbox, both songs are really good and I´ve been spinning this split all evening. "Deadlines" by Sainthood Reps is a great postrock tune and the heavier song of these two, I like how they build up the song and almost crosses over to hardcore territories. The grunge-like chorus has some Kurt Cobain vibes but only some, ohyeah this song rocks. "Big news" by Weatherbox is a bit more technical and emo-esque but in an alternative progrock way, the song is quirky and a bit artsy too and I especially embrace the nuances. Thumbs up for the cool guitarwork and of course the lovely vocal melodies.

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