Sunday, June 30, 2013

A - Hi-Fi Serious

A - Hi-Fi Serious (2002) Warner Music
Produced by Ken Andrews / Al Clay
Tracks : 1.Nothing 2.Something´s goin on 3.6 o´clock on a tube stop 4.Going down 5.Took it all away 6.Starbucks 7.The springs 8.Shut yer face 9.Pacific ocean blue 10.The distance 11.Why don´t you cry about it 12.Hi-Fi serious 13.Champions of endings
4 out of 5

Oh, I like this album a lot because of it´s typical English punk/hardrock sound.....mixed up with a bit of The Police (the early days). First when I heard the single "Nothing" I knew this was a band for my taste in music, the song is packed with tons of energy and edgy guitars. The singer Jason Perry sounds like Sting sometimes but a bit rawer and angrier I suppose. This hot band from U.K will visit Sweden on the 15th of May at "Klubben" in Stockholm for all our Swedish friends to know about. I most certainly will try to make it there myself. HiFi Serious is their 3rd studio album and it contains lots of short uptempo rockers that is perfect for all your partys to come. It will end up on my top 20 list when I will summen this music year! The song "Starbucks" is their next single but I can think of more hit singles from this explosive record....."6 O clock" for example, play it loud on your stereo and you will see why! Thank you guys for bringing us good music.

(published at in 2002)

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