Wednesday, June 26, 2013

King Kobra - II

King Kobra - II (2013) Frontiers Records
Produced by David Michael-Philips
Tracks : 1.Hell on wheels 2.Knock them dead 3.Have a good time 4.The ballad of Johnny Rod 5.Take me back 6.When the hammer comes down 7.Running wild 8.Got it coming 9.The crunch 10.Deep river 11.Don´t keep me waiting 12.We go round
3 out of 5

In a music quizz, it´s real easy to put any rocker against the wall with the releases of King Kobra. Their self titled album came out in 2011 but their first album "Ready to strike" was released in 1985, their 2nd album "Thrill of a lifetime" came out in 1986 while the album entitled "II" is released in 2013. So all makes sense when the album "III" was released in 1988! Since the new album "II" is their 6th studio album I would take my bets on the next album to be called "7" or perhaps "IV" because this is mark 4 of line up´s. Confusing?
Well, all you need to know is that King Kobra 2011-2013 featuring 4 original members along with lead singer Paul Shortino (Rough Cutt, Quiet Riot), has done a solid 70´s hard rock album again just as good as their previous self titled album from 2011.
The tracks "Hell on wheels" and "Running wild" bring thoughts to Rough Cutt while "Have a good time" and "Got it coming" goes more in the Bad Company style. The boogie rock of "The ballad of Johnny Rod" should please fans of Van Halen and Mr.Big,
"The crunch" and "Take me back" are two really good southern rock songs. But "When the hammer comes down" is nothing but a filler, however I put on a big smile when I hear the Montrose-like "Knock them dead" which is my fave here.

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