Thursday, June 6, 2013

Liferuiner - Future revisionists

Liferuiner - Future revisionists (2013) InVogue Records
Produced by Liferuiner
Tracks : 1.Vacant 2.Waivered lives 3.Savages 4.Feeling, meaning 5.C.O.P.E 6.Fissure 7.Harvest famine 8.Despair 9.Dreamcatcher 10.Self purgatory
3 out of 5

When you read the combination post hardcore and bandname Liferuiner, you probably think destructive and aggressive music with screamo vocals to max. Well, I would be lying if I should say Toronto based Liferuiner ain´t aggressive with a screamo singer because they´re brutal at times but also very interesting, what we get is a mix of metalcore, punk and hardcore where the best songs are "C.O.P.E", "Dreamcatcher" and "Self purgatory". It´s a dynamic album, rich of nuances and in some moments also with epic songstructures. I can´t compare "Future revisionists" to their previous releases since I haven´t heard them but this is a good start to get acquianted with this energetic band. At least, they´re in good company with InVogue Records artist roster of Famous Last Words, Belle Histoire and That´s Outrageous.

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