Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Stardog Champion - Exhale

Stardog Champion - Exhale (2013) Independent
Produced by Neal Avron
Tracks : 1.Aphrodite 2.Nothing to lose 3.When we fall 4.House of cards 5.The switch
3,5 out of 5

Singer Nick Coyle, guitarist Aaron Fink and bassist Mark Klepaski could´ve easily have picked their old bandname Lifer instead of Stardog Champion but together with the new drummer Josh Karis (Leroy Justice), they went for Stardog Champion which also is a 1992 collection by Mother Love Bone. You might remember that Lifer made an album in 2001 that was produced by Alex Lifeson (Rush) and then Fink and Klepaski moved on to form Breaking Benjamin with singer Ben Burnley. They played together for 10 years and sold more than 5 million albums before Fink and Klepaski were fired from the band in 2011, now they have reunited with Nick Coyle who was in The Drama Club between 2005-2011. The debut "Exhale" Ep sounds nothing at all like their former bands Lifer or Breaking Benjamin, it´s not as heavy but more mainstream modern rock in the same vein as Ours and Our Lady Peace. The first two songs "Aphrodite" and "Nothing to lose" are in fact the weakest on this EP so it´s not until the single "When we fall" when things start to get really serious, the following "House of cards" and the splendid "The switch" do put a big smile on my face. It´s a new bandname and a new sound so I understand why they don´t sound like Lifer.

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