Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Change of Pace - An offer you can´t refuse

A Change of Pace - An offer you can´t refuse (2005) Immortal Records
Produced by Michael Baskette
Tracks : 1.Loose lips sink ships 2.Death do us part 3.Every second 4.Asleep at the wheel 5.December 6.No one knows 7.Home is where the heart is 8.A farewell to friendship 9.Chippie 10.Goodbye for now 11.Queen of hearts
3,5 out of 5

Arizona band A Change of pace releases their major debut on Immortal, it´s an album that will appeal to all fans of the screamo emo genre where bands like Taking Back Sunday, Senses Fail and Thrice comes in mind. Together with producer Michael Baskette (Chevelle) they have created a tight and energetic affair of melodic emo that is easy to like, this might not go to history as something revolutionary but this quartet writes good songs and really deliver some cool guitar riffs here and there.
I can´t find any fillers so if you´re into this kinda of emo - this is truly an offer you can´t refuse!
Highlights : Asleep at the wheel, Death do us part

(published at in 2005)

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