Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Cry Farewell - The war goes on

A Cry Farewell - The war goes on (2011) Independent
Produced by Travis Wyrick
Tracks : 1.Open my eyes 2.Nothing left 3.One more try 4.Not buried alive 5.Feel it click 6.Internal disconnect 7.The road 8.Domesticated 9.If we don´t wake up 10.Disarray 11.Dreamcatcher
3,5 out of 5

Oh man, I thought that these kinda albums weren´t made anylonger. Ohio based A Cry Farewell takes the listener back to they heyday of rap oriented numetal of albums like Linkin Park´s Hybrid Theory, Saliva´s Every Six Seconds and P.O.D. This band released "The Offering" EP in 2010 and all songs are featured on their debut full length "The war goes on" which is produced by Travis Wyrick, just as heavy as I want it. There are lots of riffs here and I do welcome the electro based rock A Cry Farewell deliver, when they are really melodic they remind of Black Light Burns. Close to massive!

(published at in 2011)

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